I Care

All you get to hear nowadays is how sad everyone is...how someone broke somebody else's heart...loving someone who doesn't love you back...break-ups...cheating...:(

It makes me so sad to hear all of this...I wish I could hug everyone today who has a broken heart, because I know they're probably lying in bed and crying :( I wish I could let all of you know that even if love hasn't worked out, friends will always be there, and I wish I could tell you all that i care...but that just sounds phony because i don't know all of you...if there is anyone online today who wants to let out their love story (happy or sad) I'd be glad to listen...and if you need a hug, you have mine online :)

the fact that you've been in love with someone makes you an amazing person...please don't forget that...the ability to love someone is the greatest ability ever, even if you don't agree at present. and keep in mind that since you have loved someone, you also have the strength to love yourself--and that takes a lot of inner courage and will power; not everyone can do it! <3 stay strong...

lunalibera lunalibera
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2 Responses Mar 23, 2009

I know this...love doesn't touch anyone without leaving scars...and i acknowledge its potency...<br />
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I know what it feels like, because you see, I'm still drowning in the same ocean as everyone else. and I'm still torn completely, shattered, smashed, broken...and the scars wont heal until i'm with my lost soul again...even if that means leaving this world. But i'm still here, and I'm still breathing for my best friend; my soul mate, who needs me. And while I'm here, I want to be able to help everyone who's going through a tough time...

Hi lunalibera,<br />
It's nice knowing that someone cares... <br />
<br />
Nursing a broken heart however, takes more than just a story retold... <br />
<br />
Having to replace that void someone left behind, sometimes meeting new people doesn't empty it out...<br />
<br />
Love at it's peak, ignites the dimmest wick yet at it's ebb devastates us...<br />
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I'm feeling somewhat mellow right now, perhaps at a later time, i could share mine with you.. Meanwhile, take care because nice people like yourself are hard to come by...