Years Ago To Just Yesterday

Years ago, a lifetime ago, I was sent, for my own good, to Key West to stay with an Aunt for a while.

While I was there I had an encounter with a fella.

I was walking out of a carry-out place and was almost knocked off my feet, litterally, by a fella.

He caught me before I hit the ground, and just stood there with me a minute or two. Kissed me, which was a bold thing to do, and still stood there holding me.

Just a little taller than me, I had to tilt my head to look up at him. And there were his eyes. Dark, deep eyes, lit with a small smile. After making sure I was ok, and asking my name, there came a second of confusion. And he walked away.

I always remembered that day. That moment. A single magic moment in a lifetime of moments.

I always remembered my 'west boy'. A surfer, obviously. Long, long dark hair, sun and salt rinsed so it was tipped with just a hint of bronzed gold. Tanned as only a 'sun-worhipper' can be. Lithe and musclular at the same time. And the view as he walked away was nice too.

Years pass, decades flowed together. A lifetime of marriage, and raising children, and still I hung my windchimes to call to my surfer.

One day, here on EP, I noticed a person and we began to talk. We talked of generalities, and trivial things until one day I began to mention things from my long ago past. We shared a lot of common ground and then came the mention of my time in the Keys. It went from there...until

One evening I wrote a story relaying what had happened on the Blvd. so long ago. He responded with a specific that I had not mentioned and we realized who we were to each other.

I laughed as I told him of my wind chimes and he shyly told me of his moon light dance partner. We decided to meet.

When we met, all the years fell away, here was my fella, my surfer.

I am no longer the little beach bunny I once was, and there was steel and salt in his hair, but we were together again.

There were a lot of obstacles to overcome. Distance not being the least. His factory was pulling up stakes and he was needing to relocate. With the economy and a few other things he had lost just about everything.I, because of choices I have made during a lifetime, have nothing of my own to bring to a union. But, we began to plan.

He relocated here, and every waking moment that was possible, we were together; making plans, fleshing out dreams and a future together.

He had just been hired for a job he dreamed of. I had taken steps in my own life.

We were dealing with some health issues I had developed, and all was moving forward. (Unfortunately I always held back that last little piece of me).

He was patient, and I was a flibber-ti-gibbet. Always flitting along, "all will be well"

He died, suddenly, in a horrendous accident. I never said good-bye.

But during those months I felt more love than I had in 50 years of living. I will always have that as a treasure. I know that there are things I'm missing right now, because the pain is still too fresh. But, I was with my 'west boy' for a while. And those days are still bright and warm, and sun and breezes were gentle and soft, nothing can take that.

I had my one perfect love.

Tzech Tzech
46-50, F
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this story has everything<br />
love, hope, and tragedy<br />
<br />
life complete