A Noble Ambition

Speaking as someone who has lived his entire adult life one paycheck ahead of financial catastrophe, I must agree that helping to fight poverty is a noble ambition.  However, I am reminded of the words of the great Reverend Ike who said, "The best way to help poor people is by not being one of them."
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Captalism isn't motivated so much by the idea of more more more as it is people finding motivation in the concept that they will profit from their industry and not have to share the spoils with those who did not contribute.

More more more, how do you like it? No expectations, no assumptions, no greed...one day humanity will reach this point, for now we pass through capitalism.

"The more you have the more you want" - precisely. You don't even want different things, you just want "more." Reality minus expectations equals degree of happiness. Assume nothing and whatever you have will be enough.

The more you have, the more you want. Being rich does not increase the brains capacity for happiness, it stays the same, you just want different things.

That's the spirit! Back in the good old days kids worked in coal mines and knitting mills. Imagine the self-esteem they'd feel bringing all that money into the house! Not to mention how cool it would look on college applications! grrrrrrr

hmmm thats an idea, you forgot to mention hogging the computer and making holes in the wooden floor with un heeled stilletoes grrrrrr

Maybe you could work out a nice kid rental arrangement. Find some childless couples in the area. They could pay you weekly for the pleasure of having your kids eat their food, track mud across their clean carpets, talk on the phone, and look at them like "they just don't get it." You gotta think outside the box.

If i sold the house and bought a tent and disowned the kids id probably have enough

But here's how to break the code. You can be happy if you have "enough," so it's all about how you define "enough."

lol, yep im the same, always in the doo doo, only the depth that varies