Dog Eat Dog

It makes no sense to me, in this country of untold riches- one of the richest nations on earth- that people are living and suffering in poverty. They are marginalized/demoralized/dehumanized/demonized and even criminalized for it. The homeless eat from dumpsters and immolate themselves trying to keep warm on sub-zero nights. Children go hungry while their parents struggle to make ends meet at minimum wage jobs or on below sustenance level welfare rates. The disabled are denied the opportunities and services necesary to lift them out of poverty and into self sufficience. Dependence- and the poverty that goes with it- is villified in this society and people are punished for circumstances beyond their control.

On the other hand, corporate welfare-or 'bail-outs' as they are calling them, are acceptable, encouraged and tolerated. Billions of $ in debts are forgiven, loans are made, incentives paid and laws are even changed to create a 'more friendly' atmosphere for big businesses to operate in. Where is the compassion in that, the tolerance?  It's a phallacy, there is no tolerance, no justice and no escape for those who live with poverty. Tolerance and humanity are just lies ,myths created by the privledged and the elite to justify further trampling and marginalizing the unfortunate.

It's tough to survive in a city where one bedroom apartments rent for $1500 a month and half a million dollars buys you a crumbling 60 year old 'starter' home. The growing homeless rate is a testament to that. The rich stay healthy while the sick grow poor. Surely we can do better than this, maybe it's time to share the wealth?

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You are totally right! It's a dog eat dog world that we live in. The income gap is just down right sickening. I believe that if you are not lazy and can get off of your butt and work full time for a living, then you deserve to be able to afford to live comfortably. In my opinion, that means being able to afford a clean, safe apartment, a reliable vehicle, food and some money left over to spend and pay off debt. There's way too many people who are working hard while struggling to make ends meet. The solution to this would be either a raise to support those needs or some type of assistance outside of the corporations poor people work for. The homeless need more assistance than anyone..... as long as they aren't drug addicts or lazy.<br />
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It sounds like you live in a huge city fasterpussycat. Most major cities I've seen are hit the worst these days. Where I live, I see my fair share of struggle but nothing compared to New York or places like that.

Interesting and cery acvurate depictions of our economy's status. However the demand for sharing wealth is a touchy one. I am on the katter side of the poorest and still would never expect just cuz somewhere another sample of populous may be of prominance to fork over their heritage or earned rights. I once was pretty comfortable and had a reversal in fortune as some might observe. However it took this dip to allow ke to reground myself and gwt my gead out of my *** and really appreciate what really matters most. Now that being said I still managed to fall back in to old skewed behaviours which cost me more then riches and financial wealth but I am now ready to be an earner again as a better person. Let me ask you a question, if I may. Lets just pretend the 3% tile gave up or shared wealth.. What do you suppose would happen to the recipients bottom line come year end? Wealth management is an art form and sometimes unforseen winfalls do more damage than good. resulting in greedy behaviours, false sense of entitlements etc.. Are you sure like the tax credit or bail outs be it as they were , differ?

I don't know what it's like where you live, but things are nuts here. The whole downtown east side area is like a battle zone and the suburbs are no better. There is just no middle ground anymore.<br />
Me thinks it's time to head for the hills.

Great story fpc. Rec'd and saved.:)