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Busy Bee

The best way to help bees is to keep them,become part of a beekeeping group.

or adopt a hive from a local group or if your in the UK,you can do this at the bbka.

I started keeping bees 4 years ago,and its very rewarding,not just for the honey but the fact that your helping the little darling survive.I now help new beekeeper learn how to keep bees at our local group,this year there as been over 40 new members,which is very hard trying to get all of them round a hive.

so go and do it today.yes

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You know that thought has crossed my mind. I am a little afraid of Bees but not that much. I could get use to them. I like how we get to put that smoke on them to calm them down, I think thats so cool. I think it would be really interesting to keep them. I wonder what we would do with them in the winter to keep them warm??? I have no idea about such things...:-)