We Already Have The Hives And Bees

but little idea how to look after them ! Does anyone have any tips?
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Look up 'bee keeping' on the internet. I looked this up briefly and found some great info. Also, you might try looking up 'bee keeping in ___________' (the town and state you live in). Or maybe just the state you live in" You may be able to connect with another beekeeper.

Ages ago my aunts were beekeepers and really enjoyed this as well as the honey.

I wish you the best of luck and enjoyment!

Thanks! I'll do that. Did you ever help your aunts with their beekeeping? Does it seem difficult? Personally I've always been more on the studying / office work side and now there are the bees ... I've never done anything like this before. I just hope I'm able to take care of them properly.

Unfortunately, I was too young when my aunts had the bees, but they really enjoyed it. They found it quite relaxing. The way they spoke about it, it didn't seem tough at all.

Don't worry -- I think you'll do a great job with the bees! The studying and office work side will guarantee that you are well prepared and have explored every avenue in the care of your bees! This really is a great adventure for you!

And, the honey . . . yum!

Thank you! I definitely hope you are right and that I'll be able to learn quickly enough and look after them. I'm pretty excited, just hope it all works out :)

I am sure it will all work out!

Please keep us on EP posted on how the beekeeping is going. I really would love to hear about everything!

I will! :)

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