Bee Love

I love bees.  I watch them while they are busy on my flowers. I admire their beautiful colours and markings.

They are clever little things, they can find their way home from miles away.  I've noticed how they prefer purple flowers.  I like the way they carry their days work on their legs,  

My young niece said to me recently.

"Do you remember when you kissed the bee" ?

" NO ! ' said i."Why did  i do that"?

" I was frightened of them and you said they wouldn't hurt you unless you stood on them, I'm not really frightened of them anymore"  said she.

I closed my eyes and thought...


Tgilly Tgilly
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7 Responses Mar 13, 2010

good.. keep working... how about some outside insulation as well...don't want a repeat performance..

Keeping bees is fun and informative. I's just having to make all those little tiny jackets for them when it get cold... A fleece jacket in size 0000000000, please...

She is not frightened of bees anymore..i find them fascinating and would also love the keep them.. maybe one day.

so bee it : )

Funny story. Goes to prove, 'Bee all you can Bee.'<br />

As i said, listen and learn.....

Yes, you must have. Although I have had bees land on me and I just shoo them away, but I don't give them a kiss to send them on their way!