30 Things You May Not Already Know About Me

·          My mind is never quiet, no matter what it seems like on the outside. I am constantly going over things in my mind. I am not even sure that stops in my sleep.

·          I love to read, I'll read just about anything, even instruction manuals or ingredient lists if I'm in a bind.

·          I clean when I get overwhelmed in life, and get more and more OCD as I get more overwhelmed.

·          I spent my entire life thinking I was low maintenance until recently but I know now that I require a great effort and a lot of men consider this high maintenance.

·         Most of you know that I write fiction. I love especially writing historical and erotic pieces, but what you may not know is that I once started a book that got so out of hand, I had to stop myself at 1,700 pages. I keep meaning to go back to edit it and can never figure out what to cut, so it still sits, waiting.. waiting… and still waiting.

·         I have a high sex drive and am ready for sex whenever the occasion arises.

·         I love Diet Mountain Dew. I can't live without my morning glass of dew.

·         I am blonde and it is my natural hair color. In the summer I have my hair lowlighted because exposure to the sun makes it much too light for my complexion.

·         I have a belt fetish. I love watching a man remove his belt. I never said it was a cool fetish, only that I have one. I think it has to do with the fact that I know his pants are coming off next. :)

·         I love going to the beach. It's one of my favorite things to do.

·         I have a bucket list and try to cross as many things off of it as possible.

·         I love Halloween. I enjoy dressing up more than most kids do.

·         I love to watch horror movies. I would prefer a good classic horror movie to a romantic comedy any day.

·         I want to live at the beach again sometime in my life.

·         I love Las Vegas. Some of my happiest memories of my life were in Las Vegas.

·          I have had several miscarriages in my lifetime and one of my greatest disappointments in life is that I do not have a living biological child.

·         I love roses and tulips, especially purple tulips.

·         I love taking long hot baths with candles and soft music, especially John Legend.

·          I love Lush!! I love to use their bath melts and bath bombs for my baths.

·         I love to travel and although I have already traveled extensively I still have many plans to travel a lot more in the future.

·         I feel things deeply especially when I love someone. I feel emotions beyond anything that I can explain in words.

·         I am a blogger and enjoy writing. I can't imagine not being a blogger after many years of doing it but I have decommissioned several of my sites.

·         I am extremely attracted to Dominant men. I am attracted to men that dress in black too or uniforms. MMMM I especially love military uniforms.

·         I love to cook. I spend hours watching the Food Network and trying new recipes.

·         I love to wear stockings, garter belts, and sexy panties. I have drawers full of different pairs.

·         I love to dress up, especially for my man.

·         I have been called "little miss dangerous" by many people. I love that name because I would never call myself dangerous! :)

·         I love to live out my fantasies, and I am doing so more often lately.

·         I love sushi! Yum!

·         Pizza Hutt is my favorite pizza, even more than the mom and pop “real Italian pizza’s”
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10 Responses Dec 17, 2011

you sounds great - we may have few things in common ; )

Then I look forward to it. Remember I can't always see the feeds so if I miss it please send me the link.

You're a fascinating woman...eh, Scorpio! :)

wow, you do intrigue me for sure, but like the regular mountain dew!

Awww thanks.

But 1,700 pages is way too many lol. It would have to be a required reading for most people to even take it off a bookshelf to look at.

king's 11/22/63 good read.no bad stuff.700 pages so a lot of people are put off.but it is good.only 2 book of his i read.the dome was good too.peace

Awww thanks Nunya.

I like all of this.

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