1) not crazy about the iPad yet, 2) can be lazy, and love it! 3) love watching American Idol 4) I love an ice cold Dos XX when I get home every night 5). I love Donny Osmond--still!!6) wanted to be a singer or an actress when young..have done both in the church so doing them for God is the highest honor! I've accomplished this task! 7) I work with teenagers in my job and as a volunteer...I love it! 8) I love crime dramas tv shows, incl the reality ones like "the First 48", " City Confidential!" etc. 9) I play guitar and write songs,10) I drive a Mini-Cooper...and love to just drive to get out sometimes,11) I forgive easy, cuz were told to. I'm just as bad-everyone needs forgiveness..to say we don't would be to crucify Christ all over again, 12) I'm a procrastinator...sometimes 13) I REALLY want to go with a weather spotters team someday chasing tornados! 14). I want to live by the beach someday (not gulf coast) I really miss the beach! 15). I love it when it snows ...and I light my fireplace! Snuggle time! 16). I am fluent in ASL, and have worked as an interpreter for 16 years 17) I love to cook..but I'm not good at baking desserts or breads 18). I love butterflies, and collect wind chimes, garden accents, and items for my car that has butterflies on them 19) I love the Astros--u kno I have to be loyal to ad it that! I love watching baseball on tv and in person..even listening on the radio! 20). I really miss my mom and dad...theyve both passed on. 21). I hate humidity! 22). When I see others cry, I cry. When others are laughing, I laugh 22) I love the theatre, and volunteer as much as I can at a high school 23). I want to go to India someday. 24). I don't like to read, but I love having someone read to me 25). I don't like Walmart!! 26). I want to learn how to fish 27) I was not a virgin when I married, but I wish I had been, 28) I love Gene Kelly movies! 29). I wrote an entire history research paper for a class in one day (12 hrs, 30 references) 12 Pgs long-- and turned it in the day it was due, which got me a B in the class! And.....30). I thought this would be hard, but I've got this 30 things about me done in 30 minutes!
yellowandblue yellowandblue
46-50, F
1 Response May 23, 2012

1) I am a pastor's daughter<br />
2) I am a vegetarian<br />
3) I am a ballet dancer and now take lessons from Sheryl cooper<br />
4) I dance hip hop for Alice cooper<br />
5) I am extremely loving<br />
6) I dont dance with the devil, cuz that loser dont dance fair...<br />
7) I love writing songs and stories<br />
8) I play the piano<br />
9) I am emotional and sensitive<br />
10) I love little kids<br />
11) I love drawing<br />
12) I believe that prayer changes things<br />
13) I am a nerd in school<br />
14) I love being tickled<br />
15) I love volunteering at churches.<br />
16) I teach five and six years old at my church<br />
17) I love to sing<br />
18) I love Christian music<br />
19) I love talking bout god...<br />
20) the sound of a toilet flushing scares the daylights out of me...<br />
21) I did gymnastics<br />
22) I have really big trust issues<br />
23) I love my goddaughter<br />
24) I like playing in the snow<br />
25) one of my face place is Colorado<br />
26) I love cuddling..best hobby<br />
27) I love helping,supporting,and encouraging ppl<br />
28) I am a great listner<br />
29) its hard for me to deal and accept the death of my bro<br />
30) I believe that god is real!