The Tip Of The Iceberg

1) I was born in Texas.
2) I only lived in Texas for 4 years but I managed to get a southern accent in that short time.
3) I hide my accent because I don't like the way it sounds.
4) Who my friends think I am and who I actually am are usually two different people.
5) I recently found out I am showing symptoms of Tourette's syndrome. I have yet to make a neurologist appointment.
6) When I was six, I dropped my cat off the second story banister in our home to see if she would actually land on her feet.
7) When I was six, I learned that cats actually do land on their feet when they fall, even from higher things.
8) I have a boyfriend. His name is Robert. We've been together for 3.5 years, 2.5 of which have been long distance.
9) Robert was my 15th birthday present.
10) I have hearing damage from multiple ear infections.
11) I have scoliosis--spine is off by 2 degrees.
12) I am allergic to latex and dust.
13) I have a mystery allergy/intolerance that we are still trying to figure out the cause to.
14) I can play anything by ear on any instrument, given the time to figure out where the notes are on the instrument if I've never touched it before.
15) I'm afraid of dogs because one charged and sat on me when I was four.
16) I've recently admitted to myself that I have arachnophobia.
17) I have a phobia of deep water.
18) I have OCD. How severe it is depends on who you ask.
19) I have memory problems and the only reliable part of my memory is basic long-term. Maybe. I don't remember if that's the right part of it.
20) I have a faster thinking rate than 99.98% of the population.
21) I have a faster hearing rate, so I tend to speak fast because it sounds normal to me.
22) When Robert asked me to be his girlfriend, it wasn't our idea. My best friend talked him into it over texting. Robert had to ask me how to ask me to be his girlfriend.
23) I am primarily mexican. After that is Irish, and slightly Native American. Due to this, my skin has a high sun tolerance, but my Irish mother gives me really pale skin. So I'm a pale person who can't tan or burn very well, and I'm stuck with this pale skin color. I've grown to like it.
24) Our first date was at the school's Valentine's day dance. He learned how to dance for me. I don't dance. We ended up playing with balloons the entire time.
25) I love anything in a shell. Hermit crabs, snails, and sea turtles.
26) I love rainbow things more than anybody should. I follow a blog purely based on rainbow food.
27) I have a mini-obsession with limos, rainbow, and wigs.
28) I talked so little when I was a kid that it was thought that I was developmentally delayed. My parents learned that they had to make me talk, or I just wouldn't. This still applies. And it creeps people out sometimes.
29) I have very mild brain damage from repeated concussions on the same part of my brain. It has simply resulted in that I can't balance very well.
30) I was adopted as an infant.
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1 Response Nov 26, 2012

Very why don't you like your southern accent? Is it really that thick from only four years?

It bugs me because I can hear how different it is and I don't like how different it sounds from the regular american accent. My mom has a thicker southern accent than I do and she's the one who taught me to talk, and who I was around for the majority of the time growing up (isolated as a child), so it stuck.

I'm sorry to hear that Chococat159. Please take some comfort in the fact that there really is no regular. Everyone has some form of accent and most people don't like something about their dialect. Personally, I'm from Alabama but I don't sound like it ,so I really get what your saying about the southern accent. The good news is that you can work your way out of the accent if you really want to. Good Luck!!