Not Very Interesting But Here Goes!

1. My child is the best thing that ever happened to me would give my life for hers
2. Feel Hollow when it comes to my marriage
3. My Astrology sign is Cancer
4. I have a very dysfunctional family from grandparents on down - want to break that cycle
5. I have a hard time communicating but working on it
6. Love dogs
7. Love the outdoors - especially the beach
8. Want to permanently live at the beach one day
9. I live in the past a lot for some reason
10. If I only 3 wishes would wish for world peace, the eradication of bigotry and an end to all forms of abuse to others
11. Think about improving myself daily
12. Enjoy going to the gym
13. Love Sex!
14. Love Foreplay much more important to me than the actual act
15. Love Kink!
16. Have lived in Alabama my whole life
17. Enjoy Traveling
18. Enjoy Trying new things
19. Would love to visit South America
20. Want to Learn Spanish
21. LIke to Read
22. Collect small trinkets i.e. game pieces, interesting rocks etc - weird huh for a 40+ year old man?
23. Collect hotel room keys have over 50
24. Enjoy Nudity
25. Love Erotica
26. Enjoy Having some time to myself
27. Enjoy and get a lot out of helping others when I can
28. First thing I look at when I meet someone is their teeth - Nothing better than a beautiful Smile
29. Just On EP to Escape not looking for anything other than friends enjoy reading and sharing thoughts with others
30. Not a big Fan of jealousy

Amazing that I made it to 30 !!
ritterm44 ritterm44
41-45, M
1 Response Dec 3, 2012

I share a few of your interests, not a lot, bur a few and I can relate to what you say about feeling hollow. Pain bites deep and leaves a sore spot when a relationship withers away.

Looking back, I'm amazed, like you, that I've done as well in my life, with all the distractions I've let come into my life. There's so much we can do, to survive and even flourish, in spite of ourselves. ;)

Thanks much for reading - It is truly amazing looking back that although many obstacles were in my path that I like others have made it through and put most of that behind me

I looked at your stories and experiences. I can see how you have had some rough things to deal with, but you try to keep going with an upbeat attitude. Holding on can be hard sometimes, but it's worth it, in the long haul and even in the short term, too.

I always wonder if thats true or not but thank you for the encouragement You have some intriguing experiences as well

Thanks for the encouragement