30 Things. Maybe.

1. i am 16 years old.
2. i have a complicated family
3. i was adopted when i was 28 days old.
4. i've always been socially anxious
5. i'm currently diagnosed with depression & just plain anxiety.
6. i have one friend that is like my sister; i can go to her with anything
7. from 1st grade through 7th grade, i was bullied by the same people but no one listened
8. i quit track and basketball to avoid being bullied on the bus.
9. i was bullied for being black, even though i'm not even black.
10. sometimes i just break down and cry from thinking too much.
11. i've never had a boyfriend
12. i used to play volleyball and basketball until i moved
13. i am 5'5
14. i'm athletic
15. i've failed multiple classes that i still haven't started
16. i go to a fairly big high school
17. i have a lot of friends & acquaintances
18. i'm not popular, but definitely not a nerd or a jock. i get along with everyone
19. i hate my mom. don't want anything to do with her
20. my mom emotionally abuses me almost everyday
21. i'm the youngest of 9
22. i'm spoiled
23. i have a lot of goals, but my social anxiety gets in the way.
24. i have hopeless crushes on boys who i'll never even have a chance with.
25. i'm a virgin :)
26. never done drugs, smoked, or drank.
27. i don't have any exotic piercings. just my ears.
28. i have no tolerance for potheads.
29. i take my personal life almost too seriously.
30. i love you <3
xlimitededitionx xlimitededitionx
Jan 8, 2013