Hmmm 30 Things

30 is a lot but lets see if I can manage it

1. I love to read. Mostly fanfiction but I used to read more.
2. I go crazy with boredom without my laptop. Some ppl need cell phones to get thru the day I need internet
3. I love cats. I want one so bad but my current apartment is already too small with too many bodies
4. I'm in dental school. Though I'm taking a semester long "break". I'm really repeating my first year cause my grades sucked.
5. I've never been in a serious relationship. I feel like I have to work on me before I add anyone else to the mix.
6. Unfortunately I'm a horrible mechanic when it comes to fixing me the way I want
7. I have a psychology degree that I don't use but had fun getting.
8. I've been on ep since my freshman year of college. Part of me wants to go delete some of my older posts because they are no longer true but I like the history.
9. I love history. I find the history channel fascinating though I am bad at remembering the whos and the wheres and only get the whys and the whats
10. I love craft projects. My junior year in high school I realized I didn't really have any hobbies so I started dabbling. I like crochet, knitting, sketching, painting and coloring
11. Despite all of that I don't think I'm that creative
12. I really want to try quilting, sewing, cross stitch and candle making
13. I hate the twilight series with a depth it probably doesn't deserve. Especially since I like other romance novels and even jumped on fifty shades
14. I wish I could eat whatever I want without gaining any weight or having a heart attack
15. I'm too proud sometimes. I literally have no food in my cabinet right now but refuse to call my mother and ask for money. Even worse my aunt lives 30 minutes away and would bring me food if I asked.
16. I don't like owing ppl favors especially if I'm not particularly close to the person
17. I don't get sad when elderly ppl die. Yesterday my grandmother died at the age of 89 . I feel like she deserved her rest. She had 12 children, at least 35 grandchildren (I'm so not counting) and 20 greatgrands
18. I drink way too much coffee.
19. A whole lot of things that aren't pg13 but I don't sleep around
20. I secretly want my brothers wife to have baby so I can come play aunt again (I already have 13 other neices and nephews)
21. I don't really want kids. I like kids and I'm not totally ruling them out but again I have 13 nieces and nephews. I think my family has prospered enough. I may adopt someday.
22. I'm an introvert that refuses to let it completely stop me from doing things. I used to be painfully shy and while I'm still not comfortable around ppl I've learned how to speak up. But only in smaller groups
23. I bite my nails. though I really should stop it
24. I'm afraid of becoming an addict so I stay away from most things that cause addiction. I mean I don't smoke, drink, or do any type of drug
25. For a short time in middle school I was very suicidal and no one noticed.
26. I don't come from a very lovely dovey family and didn't say I love you to any of my brothers until we were grown. Most of that stems from a very abusive stepfather that will from here on out stay out of my 30 things
27. I really would love to win the lottery so I could retire at the ripe old age of 23. Soon you know so I have less student loans
28. When I was little I looked a acted just like Rudy Huxtable. My nickname is still Rudy
29. I miss high school in a way that only someone who has experienced more life can
30. I pull my hair when I get too stressed out so I have to wear hats during tests. lol
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Jan 8, 2013