Female Anarchy

Since I was little I envied boys who could go to the toilet anywhere.  It seemed realy unfair on girls.  So I experimented with going in my panties.  Not only did I get the relief I was seeking, but I got an overwhelming sense of power.   Finally I was free of mother and social convention.  I do it all the time now.  In fact I am so casual about it I almost catch myself out now and then.  In the garden is no problem, around the house too.  Sometimes I have to pretend to not be in if someone comes to the door, or be in the shower or something.  I love answering the phone when I am wet down below.  I have some jeans and panties I never wash.   I just dry them and put them back on.  Sometimes they reek so much I retch but that too is part of the pleasure.

I also do it when I am around town in the evening.  I go out drinking often in a pair of black trousers and wet myself before walking home.  Other times I wear a short skirt.  It's surprisingly easy and I haev never been spotted!  And as always, I am in control by giving up control.  People are entitled to the their own opinions.  I am free.

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Good story. Thanks for sharing that.

My girl friend & I also have a pair of underwear that we repeatedly pee in and let try and re pee in the smell is fantastic and this morning after a good wetting I took them off and held them over my face and let them touch mu moth and WOW what a wonderful taste and smell we both started sucking on the crouch and rubbing them on each other until we had to make sweet pee love with them!

Wow I really like your take on peeing yourself, I wish more girls were like u. U should hold seminars about it lol. Id like to chat with u sometime :-)

Great story, thank you for sharing.<br />
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You may have been jealous of us boys when you were younger but when it comes to wetting I think the girls have it. I can of course, like you, wear a pair of black jeans and get away with it but what I would really like is a pair of panties and a skirt. It seems to me that in a skirt you can wet anywhere and most people will be non the wiser.

ditto on the panties and skirt

Wow Scatgurl, fantastic revelations. I would LOVE to see those unwashed jeans and knickers you mention - I bet they're in a glorious state by now! The thought of you wandering around at home or in town, casually wetting yourself is the stuff of my fantasies - I'll keep a good look out next time I'm in Reading!<br />
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As you say, black trousers are perfect for discreet public wetting, I do the same myself sometimes when I'm feeling in the mood for a spot of naughty fun. Unless you pee so hard that it bubbles through the material and glistens on the surface, it's almost impossible to detect by anyone other than the most eagle-eyed and interested observer. The warm feeling on your skin is amazing, beaten only I'd say by that of someone else's stream!

sounds very very sexy! would love to share that intimacy with someone

Empowering - exactly. It is all about freedom and comfort.<br />
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Both you and Racheal74 sound so sexy! I like the empowered angle. I like that you keep your panties on, that's so sexy.

Hi Scatgurl, Loved your story. The envy might have been part of the reason I got started too. I am amazed how many people, not just girls, start when so very young. I was 5 or 6 when I started wetting. It was years before I could do it without getting in trouble. Uh, Junior High when I started washing my own clothes. Well, I still got in trouble if someone found out so I worked really hard to keep that from happening. <br />
Like you I wet freely when wearing a skirt. I just do it somewhere that does not show or leave puddles. The trick I think is to not give away what you are doing. No Pee-Pee dance. <br />
I hate wetting in pants. The few times I do wear them I will use the toilets every time. Uh, (Blush) I pull my pants down, but never my panties, they still get pretty wet. Is that pscho? or what? I do the same thing when using the toilet wearing a dress. Skirt up, panties wet. I just love being so deliberately bad. <br />
Love your name, I'm gonna have to see what else you've been up to?

you are are very normal we do it as well it is that we were ment to do!! Enjoy our flesh.

Awesome you've managed to free yourself of training and convention a female version of myself really. It's amazing how easy and natural it gets when you do it all the time, and sooo easy to go to answer the door or speak to neighbours in the garden without thinking about the fact that you've been ******* in your clothes for the last six hours.<br />
I bet those panties and jeans smell fantastic.I agree with you that's part of the pleasure - probably another way of saying stuff you all - and strangely very sexy too.<br />
When you wear black trousers or short skirt around town in the evening you could easily get away with ******* yourself all night not just before walking home even if someone did notice they'd put it down to too much to drink, but what a turn on to be noticed out on the town in pissed pants, and so what anyway. They are your pants, skirts, shoes, whatever so in my book if you choose to **** them that's your perogative.<br />
Stay soaked