Looking for my first good frontage experience.
bootsandcatfights bootsandcatfights
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It is wonderful if you participate with a like minded male who is into tender/sensual, well lubricated rubbing of your ***** together. It can be done from several positions.

this is exactly what I'm into, frot fights. you in ny by any chance?

No sadly I'm in the UK. It's so hard to find genuine like minded guys too.
Wish we were closer. I love a good frot fight.

I would love to frottage with you

Sounds good to me. Wrestle n frot. Mmmmmmm sounds great.

yeah both the floor, grinding grion against grion, **** pressed ****,

Mmmmmm rolling each other around legs n thighs entangled. Bulges rubbing and pressing together.

:), yes what great way to fight in a sexuall way

Yes. Definitely. Especially if we were being cheared on by gf or women.
Where are you in the world?

I'm in the (uk). no doubt your somewhere else,

I'm in the uk too. Be great to chat. Maybe text. I need to be discrete as have a gf.

ok, i live in kent, i also have a g/f as well

Ok. Fancy texting? ;-)

what on mobile or on here i dont mind so where are you then

On mobile. I'm in Swindon.


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