I am 5 foot 10 

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Me too.

datura!! ((((((((((tightlyhugsdatura!!))))))))))))))))

Another fun story revisited!<br />
<br />

not too much of a difference :)

i'm 4'11 and it sucks. XD

((((((PicksupandhugsTekkamaki))))))) hehehehe welcome buddy :)

(((((((LooksupandhugsElfinsong))))))) Welcome aboard!

((((((bendsdownslightlytohugmysplitpersonality)))))))) helloooo mysplitpersonality :)

(((((((bearhugsdatura)))))) mwahahaha

You are eleven inches taller than me. <br />
<br />
...I still qualify for a booster seat by height, is that crazy or what? Oh the shame!!!

6 feet tall and looking down at the top of your head little fella.............................smiles

gettin' in on this kinda late but 5ft 6 here :)<br />
<br />
Do I win a prize?




hahahahaha ((((((looksupandhugsdatura)))))))


Awwwww you're not a freak lol (((((((hugscyanidebreathmint@roughlythesameheight))))))))))

you're welcome :)

Thanks... great... **HUG** made my day... lol

(((((((holdsontotumwheeee)))))) lol

(((((((hugstrailguideandspins))))))))) lol

(((((((standsontippy-toestohugtum)))))) Haha, i am loving this :)

((((((bendsdownandhugsmystic)))))))) lol

You'll have to bend down some... lol... To meet me...hehehe

Hahahaha ((((((hugsmystic))))))

Heyy Your talker then me... lol but then again who isnt... hehe


Hahahahahaha ((((((((bearhugsameheight)))))))<br />
<br />
I'm on my tip-toes :D

(((((bighugtallerthanyou)))))<br />
<br />
I'm wearing heels this time...hehe!

(((((hugatroughlythesameheight))))))<br />
<br />

Ahhhhhh. Lol Now when I send a hug gesture to you, I can definitely imagine you being roughly the same height as I am :D

When I was a teen I had braces on my teeth and blemishes and glasses since I hadn't got my contacts yet. But I was tall and underweight and people trying to boost my self esteem would say to me, " should be a model!"

Ohh? hehehe Wow. Isn't 5'9 the height for models? :)

You are one inch taller than me. But in heels, I am taller. hehe

ahhhhh (((((hugs)))) :]

hahahaha awwwwww

lol you're still like a freakin giant compared to me :P

LOL awww not to me lol. but then again i've been around those that are around 6 feet tall

whoa you're tall