5 Feet 8...

and 1/2 inches tall.

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LMAO.... I actually do have a bra that is supposed to look similar to those brass plates.


Awww I hope mine doesn't.

LOL and I like heels so I am over 6 feet in heels.

5'7" 1/2

LMAO, yes heels mewold.<br />
<br />
MMM Entice we could go out clubbing and look down on a lot of men's heads.<br />
<br />
Woody, 6'4" you are a tall one there. <br />
<br />
Chris. Perfect height for me in my heels.

I have way more than 4 inches......erm.....You are talking about heels?



4 inches! Intimidated yet?

6 Ft 4 Inch

4 inchers, eh?

LOL and I like my 4 inch heels so I end up over 6 feet tall in them. I love it.

6 ft and a bit.