I Always Wanted to Be Taller

I am 5'10'' and always wanted to be 6'. I was never bullied because I was taller than most, but it made me weird and lonely as well. Yet I would love to be taller.

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Thanks windlion, I wish you safe life!!

5-10 is plenty tall enough -- at 6-1, Ive got a full set of scars on my head to prove it (%{}

@ NoEh: I don't have friends taller than me, I guess for a woman I am tall, but still I would love to be taller.

I wish I was taller too so I could be the same height as most of my friends like I was before they got their growth spurts in high school. I miss looking at them at eye level when I talk to them. (I'm 5'10" too)

@ Lawlover: good for you, thanks<br />
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@HeavenBecidesYou: I guess having a tall spouse makes up for everything.<br />
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@ LP: Use a chair, you can reach anything<br />
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@ GOM: That can be a problem, I have that problem with shoes<br />
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Thank you all

i am 6` 4" and i would actually like to be shorter.cars are cramped to me,and i can never find things that fit right.

You are so lucky! I am 5'3" not tall enough to do hardly anything. My ex is 6'3" and my son 6'4", they used to hide things from me on purpose (like the top of the refrigerator). I have spen my whole life not able to reach all kinds of things. Once you get to be not only short, but also fat, you can't buy decent clothes either. Petites were cool, but they don't do that for fluffies like me.

I am 5' 7" and I wouldn't mind being a bit taller myself. I don't have trouble reaching most things either, and when I do, I call on my Honey, he is 6' 4" :)