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Im 5ft 6inches but hate it! I live in a house where my husband is 6ft 3inches and my 9 year old daughter is a shoe size behind me and into 14 to 15 year olds clothing! And my 7 year old son is in 9 to ten year old clothing! You could say i live in the land of the giants!

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ii am 5ft 7 inches your kids seem to be like your husband. 5ft 6 is really normal height for a women.

Have you ever heard of that Giant tied to the ground with hundreds of tiny straps, all those tiny girls and boys crawling all over him. I heard they treated him well. What do you think, whoƛ in the majority; the tiny ones or the Giants? :) I'm 182 centimeters ;-) <br />

i know the feeling

pull up an ottoman and let's hang out then us little ones should stick together! LOL

LMAO!! Yes smugit it does honest!

I am a shrimp but I do think the chair makes me look taller don't you?

Out come the heels then stevester!! And i just so happen to have a lovely pair of black heeled seeen them? Lol.

I am 5' 10" but if I was in proportion I would be 7'6". Ha. I don't have an issue with height. I had a short but lovely relationship with a girl called Melanie in Vancouver, she was a shade over 5' 11" . I loved it when she wore heels. just tall and sexy mmmmmmmm!

Woah wib! You certainly are a tall stock! Lol, like my partners side, and all my 3 kids have the "tall" gene also, wow i would make sure i wore my heels to your house lol!

I'm tall and from a family of tall people! My daughter has inherited her height genes from me and she's also 5'8". My dad and his five brothers were all over 6' and my own brother is 6'3".

Gosh visualone! You look so tall on your pics! Probably because you are so slim too? Aww! You are tiny hun x

I am 6'7"

I take that onboard hun cstreaker! Thanks! I am living in the world of the giants!!!!

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<br />
I am 5 7 so if you ever get tired of hanging with the tall people, well you know the rest.......

Im quite sure thats not all you are good for "beaverman" wink!

Kids grow big these days! My niece is 15, 5'8" tall and wears size 12 shoes! She loves to get her picture taken with me every year so she can watch herself pass me by! I'm 5'6" and wear a 7 shoe!

I am 9ft tall , sorry not really , 5ft 7ins , it was just a tall story

She is in my circle but I'm not in her's so I can't see her pictures. But I love that avatar.

Na... she's cool. She won't be mad to you...

LOL I will back out of this thread now and not muss it up. That butt is way too pretty to make BlondVixen mad at me.

I know. That's all you do... ;p<br />
<br />
It is funny....

Honestly, I don't know how he can see where he is going. lol chris, I'm just pulling your chain (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha)


I don't think so, the lamp stops at the waste. when he wears a hat, he has a choice of only one head to wear it on.

Nope... i'm 6-1 barefooted... ;-)

I am just a hair shy of 6'. Ask the lamp if that includes his heel.

I am 6-1. My youngest boy is 15 and he is 6' and 175 lbs. His older brother 16 is jealous as he is only 5-10.