Please Leave Sunny Alone

I read one of Sunny's story she just posted it yesterday. The woman is not having an easy time with things. She has alot on her plate and i was trying to let her know I get how stressful life can be and i wanted to let her know that she has helped me alot and I would be there to help her! I told her i was gonna send her a big hug - she sent me one a very bad day for me and it made a difference so I figured maybe i could help her just a little bit. When i went to send her a gesture - she was gone just like that!

If anyone has read my Angel stories about the special people I have met on EP Sunny is definitely one of those Angels. Sunny is one of the first people that helped me understand that this should be a supportive place. A place where people could come and have an outlet and share some of life's pain, frustration, uncertainities, and hopefully also share happy stories with friends. I have been blessed with meeting some wonderful folks on EP - All you have to do is look at my profile and you'll know who my Angels are - oh wait no you won't because for some reason one of the most important Angels is missing - why i don't know.

So can you just leave her alone - i mean its F'in Valentines day! So now I have a nameless Valentines day card to look at  - Some may not think this message is consistent with my happiness campaign well your wrong about that too the campaign is all about trying to be positive and find the good things in life. Its precisely about helping each other. Well for me I have not had alot of good things to look forward to in my life recently, my wife died a few months ago and my kids are all now out of the house leading their lives. I managed to make a few friends on this site - people who i happen to care about alot, who I want to share my life with and there are not alot of them - partly because I see the BS Sunny is going through. I mean i know there are nasty miserable people out there - but if they are on EP why can't we kick them out so good people like Sunny can stay!

So now I have someone I consider my friend out there and i can't do a damn thing to try and help her and that ****** me off! So please leave Sunny alone!!! Sunny if your out there I hope you come back soon - some of us here just want to try and help each other - Rex!

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3 Responses Feb 14, 2009

Sunny is very special to me. it makes me sad to see her hurting. <br />
As it turns out there are also several others that are important to me involved here that got hurt and one person I love dearly who was hurt by all this. Someone i would do anything i could to ease her pain so all the way around this situation hurts me alot. i don't like seeing friends fight, i don't like to see those i consider family hurt. <br />
<br />
Definite lose - lose on this one. Unless folks can work through this and communicate constructively. For me this will be a pivotal point in my EP experience - it can get better or worse. It can not stay the way it is.

Sorry if I'm just coming into this, but I'm disturbed about the attacks that I have heard quite bit about today. I'm with Santana on this about this site being a place to not be judged and being able to let out the feelings that we can't share otherwise.<br />
<br />
Just my thoughts.<br />
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I really hope Sunny comes back. I don't know her but with friends like you all standing up for her and what you have said about her she must be really special.<br />
<br />
From the heart.

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