Stockings All The Way..............

I'm 100% woman and I feel it is so important to always wear sexy lingerie every day no matter what I'm wearing on the outside. My panties always match my bra ect. What woman would not want to wear sexy panties?  Especially if I have to wear nylons for work or a night out, than I'm going to be wearing the entire matching set: matching garter belts, panties and bra. I always feel better about myself if my lingerie is top notch! Let the losers with no pride or self esteam wear granny panties or plain white cotton panties. I'm a silk and satin with lace woman all the way!!

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You are so right Hun<br />
<br />
I wear my lingerie every day to work and every night when I teaseing my husband <br />
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Love it !!

i call cotton cast iron and just as rough, slippery nylon glides and is exciting and enticing, sensuous and sexy

As a man I know I appreciate women with your opinion on this matter.

Nothing makes me feel more feminine (or 100% woman!) than beautiful lingerie! I wear it every day!

Absolutely lovely!


Yes! I agree. When I get to dress, I prefer thigh highs.