I have a very strong southern accent,being from Tennessee and Alabama i resent it sometimes but its there just the same.
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i would love to hear you speak. i lived in the deep south during the 90's, and i love a southern drawl. unfortunately, i have a Utah (gasp!) accent. southerners used to imitate me, and i sounded like a multi-pitch whine.<br />
<br />
**red face from embarrassed**

I grew up in Nashville, TN. When I was 35 I moved to Los Angeles. I've been here almost 17 years but my accent is still very strong (I get comments all the time). When I go back to TN or even have a long phone conversation with friends there, it gets much stronger almost instantly.

Scottish, yes I live in France, but I lived in Scotland for the first 19yrs of my life, but still got my scottish accent !