Need You Now (lady Antebellum)

The song just tells everything, and which just took every word from my mouth.
nv. . .need I say more. . . I just need you.

ladyryan ladyryan
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4 Responses Nov 22, 2011

No love Eminem ft lil wayne

i love lady antebellum,i love music

u inspired me to crank up my stereo and crank up some lady antebellum

Thanks for your kind words. I love LA and I'm so in love with this sweet song.

That is my favorite song it is my ring tone on my phone . And lady A is my favorite love them

Thank you Annie for letting me know. I also love them, Cheers !


Great song, great message! Someday someone will need me!

Thanks Irish. Definitely agree. You're one wonderful man. And a good father also.

Awwe, thank you Honey! I guess I just need to figure out who I am other than a Father! It has been my main focus for so long!
This is my favorite Lady A. song!