I Can Only Say For Me!

I can't say a lot since I am pretty new at submission but I can say what it is to me.

I can not submit in a relationship without love and trust. The submissive must be able to trust that her Master is not going to hurt or degrade her in ways that she can not handle. Open communication is a must. Using words, gestures, body movements, journals etc to keep the communication open. It works to foster both the Dominant and submissive. As a sub I learn what pleases him so that I can regularly perform in ways he desires. As a Dom he learns what I can endure and what I am looking for him his presence and I guess that was really the question of this group.

I want him to be strong and commanding yet tender. Seems like a contradictory but it really isn't. He is strong because he sets and enforces his rules which I abide by. This in itself is liberating for me because now I am required to do the sexual things that I might otherwise feel are taboo and hesitate to do. Now there is no hesitation. These acts are expected of me and I gladly comply. His strength guides my day. I know from the moment I wake up each morning what the day holds for me. He wakes me up on his terms and gives me all the instructions I need for the day. Once again I gladly comply and work hard to complete every task. My diligence throughout the day and my willingness to obey his commands gets me the most tender and satisfying sex ever. He gently guides me and tells me exactly what he wants me to do. Each action is geared to bring me the most satisfaction possible. If I have failed my tasks for the day or have had a bad attitude I may get really rough humiliating sex and punishment with new tasks to perform before I may retire for the night. These nights may be difficult for me but I keep in mind that they are for my own good. I love him so much that I want to be molded into what he needs and wants in his wife and lover. I really like it when he keeps track of the household duties and makes demands on me there because I need a little push to keep things the way I want to. I look forward to him asking for these things and I gladly get them done and wish for punishment when I fail because I am disappointed in myself.

Part of the trust issue is knowing your limits. I have read many places about Doms sharing their Subs and putting them on display. For me this can not be a part of my relationship. I firmly believe that sex acts are done between a husband and wife and are not to be shared with others. I like to write about my experiences but the actual acts and our bodies belong to each other alone. He loves and protects me and I love and obey him.

So these are the kind of things this sub looks for.
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she speaks for me too. trust is key, if his submissive woman doesn't trust the dominant male she's too reluctant to stay in that kind of relationship for very long (if at all)<br />
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I also get turned on by the idea of switching every once in a while and let the man be at your mercy. <br />
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There's just something about dominant and submission thing that just does it for me.

I love your story. I would never share my submissive wife, I think it has nothing to do with being dominant, in fact I believe secretly these guys want to be humiliated, deprived of what they love most, what they possess... And if you follow the stories, it's mostly about those women getting the most out of being other men's ******. In your desc<x>ription it is clear that your husband's pleasure comes first... Keep it up.