What I Like

I have been Owned 5 times including my current.

I want a Master that is confident without ego, protective without being possive, firm without being mean, consitent without being a stick in the mud, in control without being controling, loving, caring, gentle yet firm when needed, understanding, and trustworthy.

He must be strong; mentally and physically. He must be able to take care of me but also allow me to care for him. He must respect my boundries and limits but know when to push them.

I hope this helps :)

DemonKitty DemonKitty
26-30, F
2 Responses Sep 14, 2011

It takes time and ALOT of communication. Good luck and enjoy the journey. But what are limits anyway? Something to consider crossing or not :)

Limits can be firm, but limits are sometimes or many times your current line in the sand; TODAY. Tomorrow the sands have shifted.

Here I am.