Motley Sez...

In a rocker's cocky voice... "Pat me and feed me, tolerate my love nips...I ROCK, Mum!"

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*giggles* All of our loved pets have such personalities, it's cool.

if my wolf/dog could talk he'd probably say: 1.- the Bag of cheese doodle is MINE and only MINE. 2.-buy at least 3 pairs a week of those nice slippers so that I can use them to chew.- 3. leave me outside while the mailman comes by so I can taste him.- 4.- You sit on the floor the COUCH is mine LOL (he has a weird sense of humor as it is-if he starts talking then I'll star RUNNNING) HAHAHA

My mainecoon would say "mama, I'm the oldest so I get to sleep where I want and eat when I want and talk all I want and you need to pet me the most"<br />
My shorthair would say " I am the queen of the house and as such I will eat only the oil of the food and the lettuce. You will bow to me"<br />
My Tuxedo says " I am the baby and the cutest and mom loves me the most and you all smell and I'll kick your butts if you walk by me". Hehe. I know my cats. :)

why not unless you like being bitten like that

lol i try, the scary thing is that's exactly what they would say!

That's so cute, goldwaffles.

my dogs would say," you fetch it, damnit!"<br />
<br />
my snakes would say," another rat please and turn up the heat lamp, i'm shedding..."<br />
<br />
my savannah monitors would say,"more hotdogs, rats, and chicken please! fill the bowl i'm going swimming in 30 minutes"

No....<br><br />
I never raise a hand to any living thing in correction....<br />
Well, unless it's in love play.

if he gets too nipy smack em