Not In A Creepy Way...

...just because it's really interesting to know what type of area a person lives in.

I live a stone's throw away from the sea, in a small town in the north of England. I am not a Northerner, although I hated living down south and have always called myself an 'honourary Northerner' because I fit in perfectly and love it here. Unless you are from the UK you could be forgiven for not knowing that there is a divide, however light hearted we take it.

My town is a mixture of ugly and beautiful...The harbour, the sea, the cliffs are all spectacular. The run down shops and old hotels, not so great....It has lots of tourist attractions and the typical British seafront with fish n chip restaurants and cafes, where the visitors pay too much for things we locals buy elsewhere. The parking is horrendous and we moan that the council tax is too expensive, but over all we accept that really we wouldnt change very much.

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I live in America's Heartland. Farms, pickup trucks and Ford Mustangs, real people, a place slick politicians should stay away from, hard work and hard play, Friday Night Lights, innocence, honest friendships, snow in the winter and humid summer days, tornadoes, intolerance of the things that should not be tolerated - like irresponsibility and laziness and slick politicians, hazy sunsets, June bugs, and cherry tomatoes.

I live in the U.S.. In a town called Charleston, West Virginia. I am up on a mountain top where you can see the lights of the city of Charleston. It's pretty here, but the people are rude and stupid. lol I don't go out much anywhere so I don't have to deal with the people. I like it here in the mountains of West Virginia. I live about forty five minutes away from the states Capital. The Capital is very pretty, it is white with a one-hundred percent Golden top. I also live near the only other River that flows north,the other one is the Nile. It's great meeting other people from other countries and getting to know about their culture. If you like you can contact me anytime!

Let me guess.... you didn't grow up in Charleston, WV did you? I am guessing and say you are from NY, NJ or somewhere in the northeastern USA.

I live in a town called Sierra Vista, Arizona in the US. My roots come from England actually. I have never been to England but would love to visit someday!! My fathers ancestors are from England and my mothers are from Scotland. It is a dream of mine to spend some time in the "homeland".

Yes, who knows. Never say never... I also have a great love of Scotland and also have a deep sense that I was there before too. I hadnt ever thought that I would like it until my boyfriend took me a few years ago. Now I count Edinburgh as one of my favourite places on earth :)

yey someone from the uk,most ep.s seem to be american so its interesting to find another from the uk,im from down south,in the new forest,i love the north and have often thought that i probably have lived in the north in a past life because of my afinity and feeling of being home whenever im there,before we had the children i wanted to move up north but my husband is not and never has been a risk taker and wouldnt move away from his family,iv never felt those ties to my family and never got why he wouldnt but it didnt happen but i have managed to move from the town to the country and i do love where i am now,and who knows what the future will bring