I've never meet someone with the same birthday as mine, it's always the day before or the day after. I'm August 3rd!
HatakeHitomi HatakeHitomi
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1 Response Aug 27, 2014

Mines the second. :-P close

Yeah :D

Was born really early in the morning.

I was born in the afternoon, like around five.

Mine was 12:43 in the morning of the second.

My mom said that when she was getting really bad contractions, there were no nurses in the room so she screamed and the nurses came in and I was already sliding down. Lol. They had to scramble to get ready.

Haha lol. I "bite" one of the nurses or was it punched..:-P

I was sleeping so the nurse pinched me a little. Mom said that my cry was deeper than the boys. Haha.

Ha lol.nice

Lol. Yeah. Leos rock!

Ya they do :-P

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