Yesterday At Hospital......

 I went in for a test. When I got  there my spirits were high, I was confident and  having such fun with my life mate.

 First of all, who EVER heard of waiting in line to get on the elevators when they  open them from lock down ?  

 I have now !  Pfft !  

 I did not get in the already very long line, I went in search of one that would take me exactly where I needed to be .    We found it, and waited leisurely as we pleased.

 I was the first in the office of clinic R, and checked in at the desk.  

The women behind the desk  were short in manners, and courtesy was out of their  reach.

 I took it lightly, and smiled and made jokes. 

 I must let  you in on a secret here though. I am a white woman, my life mate is a black man, and these were black women.    Call me prejudice if you like, but it is a matter of fact ...they can't stand it !    Most of them.

 Anyway, I  had them feeling a bit better by the time registering was done.  But my point is, the job they have, you'd think they'd be a bit more kinder, as the people they are dealing with are scared to begin with ?

 There was a woman there with her daughter, she was a minor, and so the woman was in the prep area with her daughter, who even though she was abrasive, she was scared.   A nurse said to her mother "You can't be back here ! Get on back in  the waiting room with everyone else" !   

 She went !          With out a word !    Again, people are scared as it is. Where's the compassion ?   This may be an every day event for you,  Miss Nurse, but not for us who are patients and scared !

  After my procedure, which  was a failure because the pain even after four hits of morphine  was unbearable... I was wheeled out to recovery.  

 Still very much in pain,  and was told to go ahead and let loose the gas.  I tried,  I did a little......then this nurse says "turn on your other side, you aren't doing it right"      What ?! There is a specific side to lay on more fart conducive!?     *giggles* 

But damn if she wasn't right !     

My blood pressure cuff had slipped down around my wrist as I was turning myself.   I was trying to re adjust it to it's proper place above my she goes again.   Short and snotty !    "Don't take that off" ! And then had the nerve to snit her teeth at me !    

 I said "I was trying to fix it cause it slipped, and don't talk  to me like I'm your child " !     Then I  dropped it on the floor !    LOL !  Oh me !    


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6 Responses Mar 17, 2009

You're welcome. I am so sorry. Most of the time, things would really be so much less traumatic if people would just do what they know they should do and be humane. <br />
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I know what you mean about being at the end of your rope. Everyone has a breaking point, for every individual person it is just a matter of what and how much it takes to reach it. We are only human after all, even the strongest of us<br />
<br />
I sincerely hope you get your answers....Me too...Here's to times getting better:)

OMG! Seriously. You hit the nail on the head. I think this world would be such a better place if people would just be kind to one another. I think that since every one of us would want kindness, it is only right for us to be that way as well. Also, frankly I think being so nasty all the time takes so much work. It is just not worth it.<br />
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Personally, I can remember days when a smile from someone, even a stranger who probably thought nothing much of it (it was just part of who they are), really made my day. If I could do that for someone else, I am proud. I really do not think that a smile or a simple "hi" is a make-or-break decision. Just do it!<br />
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I am not surprised though that your experience as you outlined it was with medical staff. I am unfortunate enough to be chronically sick and to not know why to boot. I am trying to get a diagnosis and hopefully eventually treatment. You wouldn't think it would be that hard, right? I mean, after all, that is what doctors and nurses do. Wrong. Many have few to no people skills, no patients, and then try to brush you off on someone else. If I hear one more time "That isn't my area. You need to see a (insert specialist)," I will scream. I am sure that there are some very good, genuinely nice doctors out there, but I have yet to meet many. <br />
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Sorry you had to go through that, both the procedure and the treatment by the staff. I hope you are OK.<br />
<br />
Also, I do agree with you that most people probably just don't say anything or very little when the experience this brand of treatment. I can understand that some may have good reason, but I think that if more people called them out when need be, that this may not go on as much. <br />
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And shame on these nurses for acting like this with already vulnerable people! <br />
<br />
Thanks for your post. You read my mind. I totally identify.

true, but that's no excuse. that's why you have coworkers!

maybe it's because i work in a va hospital, maybe where you went just really sucks' but that kind of **** is not tolerated in the hospital where i work. anybody who is rude or mistreats any patient in any way should be reported. "i want to speak to your supervisor" spoken in a firm voice should remove any problems with rudeness. i plan to try the left side method, but i generally have no problem letting them rip!

Yeah really next time eat Mexican food lots of beans before your next appointment maybe you will get that same nurse and then let it rip! Ask if you did it right this time? I sure would do that! Maybe she's not getting enough fiber in her diet! Could explain why she is so cranky! LOL! I don't understand why people like her even work in the Medical Field it shouldn't be allowed. Nurses are supposed to be compassionate! Sorry you had to go through that!

LOL on the fart thing but interesting at the same time. I am curious for the next time I eat Mexican if that would be the right or the left side...Not that I have gas or anything LOL. (yeah right I wish).<br />
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That clinic needs to invest in some empathy training classes it sounds like. I am sorry you had a bad day with this, but it sounded like you were none the worse for it because you kept your spirits up and made me giggle in the meantime.<br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing as I really needed the giggle today.