Yesterday, while sitting in the waiting room waiting to be seen by my doctor, there was a woman, a young girl actually.

 She had her name or a name tattooed on the back of her neck. I noticed because I sat directly behind her.  

 On her lap was a sweet little girl, maybe two 1/2.  Even maybe three.

 She was whiny, then her mother told her to shut up !   Ummmmmmmm, okay. I've never been a mother, so I imagine a young girl with a child may not be as patient, or whatever.

 After her mommy told her gruffly "shut up" she belted out full blown sobs and crying. The mothers response was  to smack her ! 

 Jim was watching me, watching this.  I was nervous anyway, my face was twitching, legs  shaking.   I got myself under control and walked outside till the little girl seemed to calm down.    So back in I went,  and damned if she didn't begin again.

 I looked around, and I could tell others were sharing my anxiety at this scene as well as just being there was nerve wreaking.

 The little girl had THE cutest little sparkly gold loafers on.   Just adorable !  

 I left fear behind, and leaned forward and said to her "What cute shoes you have there" !    I told her she had the4 cutest shoes than anyone there !   I pointed her attention to Jim's shoes,  then to mine, and said "See, ours aren't anywhere as cute !" 

 I saw she was  feeling better.   So, Jim had a magazine with  jewelry, and different homes...........a  mach of different things, none inappropriate.  So, I found another way in to keep her calm. A page full of sparkly bracelets. 

 By this time I was out of my chair, and holding the mag, which was almost as heavy as her ! LOL !    Asking her which was her favorite, and  then flipped to a man riding on balloons like  party balloons.

 Then my name was called, I left the magazine with her, and left feeling happy myself.

 I wanted to just hold her and sooth her as her mother could seem  to think it best to smack her and tell her to shut up. 

 How could that be her response !  

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called abuse

If someone can do such a horrible thing to a defenceless child, they should NEVER have children at all, because that makes them bad parents. Children are people too! Why can't some people treat them like it? When I see things like this, I get mad. Some people obviously doesn't think children are people with feelings. It doesn't look they do, anyway.

She s no patience there was other ways to calm the child ,you made that clear.smacking is over the top and if thtas what she does in public whats happening at home

You don't smack someone for crying. That just makes them cry more.

If you feel the need to smack your child YOU are out of control - get help!

tell me about it i would always be hit with a belt when my fagit father was with my family now i feel<br />
<br />
wrong about the mother doing that

tell me about it i would always be hit with a belt when my fagit father was with my family now i feel<br />
<br />
wrong about the mother doing that

You did a great job of positive role modeling for the mother. I wish people would see smacking children as what it is... assault! It's not okay to smack adults, why do people think it's okay to smack children? There is no reason to smack children. Smacking children isn't required to raise productive members of society. There is just plain no excuse.

I appreciate your looking out for children and I have done so myself at times. I can only wonder what kind of doctors office it was. Did that mother maybe anticipate life threatening newsaaaa/ Was she married maybe to a soldier who had jsut been sent back in a box? Its all very difficult to understand.<br />
<br />
I beleive you did a great thing in refocusing the little girls attention but there was two people there. The mom obviously needed to tal to someone. Whne I encounter such situation I try to find out whats going on with them both in a non threatening manner. that way I can perhaps stop further slaps to the kids if I can find a way to reach the mom and help them see their way out of a sdismal situation.<br />
<br />
Being a grandmother of who I have seen first hand that my grand daughter will act out deliberately because people are drawn to her. When she acts out they come to her and condole her, offer her candy, offer her gifts meanwhile this really escalates what was a simple correction to my granddaugthers behavior.

Because she is hoping that the child's fear of being smacked will outweigh it's urge to cry. Eventually, as the child gets older (like 5 or 6), it might work, but it's never going to work for a kid that young.

Flashback to my own childhood and my so called father.

She wanted the kid to be quiet. I can understand that. It's called discipline and a doctors office is no place for a child to be screaming and showing out.

A child is a child. We can't expect them to act like adults. Sure children are their parents' kids, but no parent have the right to hit them. Children are people too. Hitting a child is called child abuse. And violence is never the answer.

That's the worst part of it. I'm not ashamed to admit that I've raised my voice, lost my temper or even swatted my children(although that is VERY rare), and I'll tell you what else, I'm not afraid to admit to my kids when I was wrong with a decision, punishment or if I overreact, that's part of respecting your kids, they won't respect you if you don't respect them. But if someone treats their kids like this lady in your story did in PUBLIC, how is it at home? Ugghh, that's what always bothers me.

It drives me crazy. I know we have a right to raise our kids how we see fit, but it really angers me to see stuff like this. I'm glad you intervened in a non threatening way. I've done that before too. :-)