Epedemic Proportions

I read somewhere there is a 50% increase in infidelity for women.  Women involved in affairs are quickly becoming the norm.  I'm not so certain women in affairs are becoming the norm but I can tell you women are committing adultery just as readily as men these days.  I know it's a hot topic with my women friends.  Why?  Women no longer are financially dependent and when they are ignored and not satisfied in the bedroom they are quick to look elsewhere.  And believe me there are men out there that you just can't pass over.  You think to yourself everyone else is doing it, why shouldn't I have sexual satisfaction too.  And what is the worst case scenario if your affair is discovered by your husband?  Most of us live in no fault states so it's a quick divorce, a huge settlement for child support, and we skate off into the sunset financially secure.  It's a win win situation for women today.

Fraidekat16 Fraidekat16
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1 Response Feb 7, 2010

yes i agree with you about the 50% women and how easy ir is for divorce,im older and went thru thiis for several years even divorced and remarried her after our marriage she only had one affair we moved to differant state ,like me i think most men work ar a carrier to sustain a higher standard of living only to have it taken away so men older men now are well aware of easy divorce and losing there money thats why i have never had a joint account with her again and i have my own money also,i didnt cheat till several years later but unlike her i am very descrete