August has started off with the most surreal beginning of any month so far this year.

Last night I dreamed that I was on the couch in an apartment I used to live in making out with a beautiful woman when there was a knock on the door. I turned to look and my ex-girlfriend was standing there with her face and hands pressed to the glass looking in with a longing sadness. The woman on the couch with me turns my head back to her and says "She finally realizes." At that point I woke up.

Late this afternoon I went to the pet shop to pick up some ghost shrimp for the aquarium. While I'm standing there waiting for some help I hear someone behind me say "Hi A----!" I turn around donning my patented customer service smile and respond with the practiced "Hi!" I give to those who seem to know me but I can't for the life of me remember. At first I didn't recognize the woman speaking, but after a few seconds I realize it's my ex standing there!

The look on her face can only be described as the same look a young dog that has had an accident on the carpet gets when it's trying to apologize with a nuzzle while slinking past you to the door. Her voice is strained to the cracking point but she's trying hard to control the tone to be smooth. She asks how I'm doing and some small polite chit chat ensues. She shares a few things that she and her family have been through in the last couple years and I say a few things about the aquarium we bought together that I've been building up recently and about the cats I got a few months ago. The tention is thick and obvious, but civility is mantained to the point that a stranger might have thought us to be friends. After a couple minutes she suddenly excuses herself saying she needs to get some crickets for her new snake and is already three strides away by the time she finishes with a stammered "Take care!"

All in all very interesting, but what the hell was that about???


*See this story for why it's all so weird...
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I thought about that, but the thought of dating her again disgusts me after all she did before, during and after the break up. I'd be willing to consider a loose friendship again...maybe, but honestly she'll have to make some serious amends before I voluntarily spend time in her presence and unless she's done a personality 180 there's no way she'll do that.<br />
<br />
I'm just curious why she said Hi considering I made it very clear I don't ever want to hear from her again.

If you're dreaming about her, maybe it's a sign that you're still interested in her but, because of the look on her face in the dream, you want to think it's the other way around. When you met in the waking world, did you feel attracted to her through the awkwardness of the situation? How do you think she felt about you?