EP History

What brought you to EP?

 I was off work and recovering from surgery, I came across a link to EP on my facebook page and followed it here.  I was here for a few days before i grasped what it was about and since then have been addicted :-)

has EP changed your opinions about anything (religion, politics, romance or whatever)?  it has enabled me to be at one with myself, not to be afraid to exist, to be random, it has shown me that i can love truly, and that i can share myself with others and trust again.  It has brought me love, friendship, optimism, discussion, connection and it has brought me an outlet

Do you have other profiles?  nope

Have you had (past tense) other profiles that you deleted? Nope

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5 Responses Feb 23, 2009

wow this is nice! i love it here. that you are aware of !!!!

yes i am

Well I was looking for something on the net , something to give expession to , explain feelings , talk about life events and help pass on what ever wisdon I may have gathered along the way ..... In short EP