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What brought you to EP? I found it by accident through facebook. After I joined I was here for a couple of weeks on and off before I really figured out what I had joined and really became an active user. 

Has EP changed your opinions about anything (religion, politics, romance or whatever)? I said in a previous story that EP hadn't changed me in any way, but now I don't think that's true. I think a lot of the ways I used to think, about religion and politics mostly, have changed through some of my interactions here. It has helped me a lot, I grew up in a very religious house and was taught a lot of close-minded beliefs, I have for the past couple of years been trying to change the things that I no longer believed were right, but getting rid of an entire life's worth of teachings is hard to do, EP has helped me with this a lot. As far as romance, YES, being on EP has changed my views on love and romance quite a bit, and I will forever be grateful for that, and the specific member who has played the largest role in that area.  

Do you have other profiles? No, I have just the one. I have thought about a different one, just because I have become so close to some people here I often don't feel really anonymous anymore, there are some things I hesitate to write because of this. But, as of right now, I only have the one, and really I probably will only ever have the one. 

Have you had (past tense) other profiles that you deleted? Nope, just this one. I've changed my username once. When I first joined, before I really got what this place was, I used a name that I use for, really, everything. Once I figured out what this site was about, and before I really got to know anyone, I changed my name to what it is now. I don't see it changing again, I'm quite enamored with it, hehe. But, no, I've never had a different profile.

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I do a lot of my reading by looking at my friends activity, but I also look at my experiences activity, and if someone posted something in a group that I really like then I will a lot of times read that too. My friends here are friends with a lot of people I don't know and so I see a lot of the comments they leave on other's stories. But I don't venture out too much from home, haha, thanks for commenting. It is good to meet new people. :)

There are some great writers in here. But there's so many it's hard to know where to start, so I tend to read the ones by the people I know. But then u don't meet new friends by doing that. I came across your story purely by accident but it's good to meet new people.

Oh, it makes perfect sense, I've had the same feeling about some things, but I would also have to say that some things my thougts have to some extent changed too.

I wouldn't say it's changed my outlook but it has given me the chance to write about things. I write some stories and some blogs and I think that as I write them I actually find out something about myself that maybe I didn't really appreciate before. Don't know if that makes sense.