Changing Bible Verses According To God's Dealings

Wow, I have changing Bible verses also, I mean 'themes' that God regularly put in my heart. During the summer, 1 Chro. 7: 11-16 about Repentance, and now Gen. 22 about Passing God's Tests.

This Summer God has put the theme of repentance into my heart. Yes, He reveals to me that indeed the Church needs genuine repentance so it could have true renewal, refreshment, and gain back its effectiveness as salt and light of the world.

Then, He called me to minister to a specific place where I am weak, at my hometown. That is passing God's Tests.

However, my Life Verses remain the same: Psalm 27: 4 and Exo. 33: 18.
ifacedown ifacedown
26-30, M
Sep 5, 2012