John 3 16 Jesus shed His Immaculate Blood for our sins

A traveling evangelist was preaching when I heard it (my favorite bible verse),in an Assembly of God revival after his talk on Revelations   J ohn 3:16:  For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that Whosoever, believeth in Him, will not perish, but  have Everlasting Life.   This is my favorite  bible verse, because God loved the world, so He gave us Jesus. I am royalty,through His Blood,(JesusChrist's) we become worthy in Gods eyes,( Jesus paid the price for our sins),  I can now come boldly, to God's throne, because of Him.I thirst for His Word and I try to worship Him daily in spirit and truth.  A most Holy calling, for one who was raised not having a daily relationship with God.  Now I do have one, and I talk to Him. Once in awhile, I hear His voice. Then I know he is well pleased.  Sometimes when I make decisions, He tells me what to do.  With God in your life, you can never go wrong.   Hes  a Way making God.  He shows you the Way! Jesus Christ is the Way, Truth ,and Life.   He,(GOD), gives us both His Son, and Everlasting Life, because HE LOVEs Us!!.

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I like what you said, to please Him. If Christians always kept this in mind, many souls would come to know the Lord!

...Beautiful insight to this is indeed beautiful to see God's great love for us, and it really challenges me to want to do more to please Him....keep the fire!!!>..XxoO!