Psalm 23:1 The Lord Is My Shephard (read This Slowly) I Shall Not Want!

This is my favorite verse in the Bible.  It is also the first verse of the first Bible passage I ever memorized.  We are taught that we are to hide his word in our hearts.  When I was very young, my parents were members of a church that believed in rewarding children for learning Bible verses and passages. 

When I was in my 20's when my marriage to an abusive man was ending and I didn't know where to turn, I was praying for God to send me answers.  One day in the mail I recieved a flyer from a church with Psalm 23:1 printed on it.  It finally made sense to me.  As long as I follow the Lord and go where he leads me as a sheep follows the shephard, I SHALL NOT want for anything.  I claimed that promise and now 20 years later, it is still true.  Every need in my life is met.  Maybe not as soon as I think it should be sometimes it is in  the "nick of time" but I always have what I need.

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I am soo sorry for your loss! Thank you for sharing with me and you will be in my thoughts and my prayers as you follow our Good Shepard. Love the child you have with all that you can give him/her. There have been times in my past where concentrating on my children and thanking God for them was the only positive thing I could find to thank God for. Being thankful is a key ingredient to worship which keeps us in fellowship with God. Hold on to what he has given you and learn all you can from your pain so you will be a stronger person and be able to be more compassionate with others in the future. It is so hard to understand sometimes why our Father lets us experience such painful situations, but keep the failth and love God no matter what. My "mother heart" breaks for your loss and I will not forget about you.

Thank you for posting this verse. I am sorry for the for the abuse you had to overcome. I to find the verse helpful i recently miscarried 2-21-10 and found comfort from it. It seemed i could not find my way after returning from the hospital but my 3 yr old reminded me that the we're all blessed. I know the lord has another plan in mind for me. And as the sheep follow the shepard it shall want for nothing, i to shall follow my lord! My favorite is psalm 64!