Moving Blues.....

At the moment my living arrangements are  quite a jumble!  I wasn't planning on moving but life happened and I have found myself 250 miles from my home and trying to slowly but surely get all of my precious belongings moved from one state to another.

I am working away at transferring my clothes, shoes, bits of furniture I wish to keep, and all my memories I've collected over the years to my new home and incorporate them with those of my new family.  Normally this would be fun and not a big deal, but I haven't been feeling up to snuff lately and it is taking me one heck of a long time and many trips back and forth just moving a few things at a time.

But there is a bright side, I sold my home to my son.  So there is no hurry to move everything at once and it gives me time to make room in my new home for all my "stuff".   Maybe by this time next year I will finally be moved!!

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1 Response May 2, 2010

YESSS!!! My son told me to take all the time I needed. I love that kid :) The bad thing is I will reach for something and realize it isn't's 250 miles away! I need to get this done :)