Hopefully Changing Very Soon

I stay with my granny who is 80 very religious and likes to be completely in my business whenever possible I moved back in with her when my unemployment benefits were exhaused in july of 2010 so i have been here about 4 months shy of a year. i don't have a car so i use her's rarely to go to the store for groceries for the house and occasionally to the conveniece store which is down the street to get a beer. I have tried letting her in my life so that i can have more freedom but that just brings more drama due to the fact that she has to know the guys that i have tried to bring to the house to be able to kick it with a total of 3 actaully i never heard the end of that once since he was a jerk and stood me up when all of us were supposed to have cake and coffee i really don't blame him who does that just to be able to chill on ocassion at someones house someone that you don't know that you even want to kick it with the second was strictly a friend that i reconnected with and he basically was trying to come over every time i cooked a slick user do i cut that off had to hear about that every day since the 3rd guy was a potential guy that i was interested in but since she didn't see any calls on the caller id which she moniters of course or anything she assumed that we weren't talking anymore which was true i tell her i am 32 and this is my cusiness but of course if i am in her house then i have to abide by her rules which is pretty much not doing much of anything after dark when it comes to the car 50 questions if i were to go out with anyone she doesn't know i don't even have anyone come to the house or anything like that it's sad i am just existing not living and i know that she won't ever understand what i am talking about so i don't even say anything it's cool when i am cleaning up or getting groceries for the house with the assistance i get but if it comes to talking to the mailbox or even asking can i use the car to get out it just becomes a it's not my fault you don't have a car situation i had a accident in 2009 where my car was totaled and my other car was stolen in july of last year so i didn't have anything to do with either don't know what to do so i keep existing no one to move in with no money and no one to get me out of this place even for a coupe of hours
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i live at home and my parents are controlling. it's like i'm still 12 :/<br />
<br />
congrats on getting out!

My Parents are 80 and they are very controlling. You don't really have a choice. I'm sure though if you are attractive and in shape some man will take pity on you and get you out of your situation.

i will be moving out by feb with my bf so im super happy working now and looking forward to having a life ;) thanks for the comment!!!