"home" ?

Raised in northern New York.
Moved to Louisiana at 19.
Moved to California at 23 (a few months in Oklahoma just before). I loved it in California.
Moved to Florida at 26, following divorce and decision to join a tough degree program.

I'm 26 and I live with my retired parents in Florida.
It's awful here. The town is awful and their home life is awful.

Imagine, retiring to Florida after 50 years in the snow and never going to the beach because you are too busy haunting box department stores in your downtime from fighting with your spouse. Occasionally you might eat out somewhere like the Olive Garden or Outback Steakhouse. You complain about the humidity and people that don't live here year round. And that is all.

In their house I occupy a nice spare bedroom. I brought a couple suitcases worth of clothing, my laptop bag and computer and my two cats. That's all I have and even when I get my own place again I don't want much more. Maybe an expensive mattress.

Like I mentioned, I joined a tough degree program. (Finally finishing up at 26). For the past 6 months I have attended classes online, full time at an ivy league school. My plan is to leave in June to attend classes on campus, a requirement to gain residency at the school.

Since my move here is temporary I have not bought a car or taken a conventional job (I work from home). I don't leave the house much, even though I hate it here. I jog, walk the dog and sometimes go to the library nearby. In the fall I took ballroom dance classes once a week, but now I lack a partner and refuse to hunt for one again in this "snowbird" infested town.

Most of the time I am miserable and I dream about falling in love again.
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26-30, F
Jan 30, 2012