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Me, a teen, a toddler and the baby in a two bedroom, two bath apartment with a fire place full of candles and incense. (Not sure who decided Florida needed fireplaces but it's pretty)

Exciting? Not really but that's that.

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You have every right to impliment rules but being that my bed is ONLY used for sleeping I don't mind using it as a trampoline at times while we watch the Wiggles on YouTube or a race track for Matchbox cars.... just a great big play area I guess.

lol, that's how it used to be with my girlfriend when she and her kids still lived with her, now, ex-husband. They had a full size bed and every night she, her husband, the now, 16 year old and the thirteen year old would pile in. The kids don't do that so much anymore now that I'm in the picture, but that's because I've put a limit on it. Every once in a while is fine, and fun, but every night is a bit much. Especially since we have a full size bed and we're all full grown. And, I believe a parent's bedroom to be a little more sacred than some others do. I'm probably wrong to think that way, but that's how I am. I didn't ban it, I just limited it.

oh I don't miss the one bathroom thing... so don't miss it. I would take in anyone at this point that could help with the kids. They can have my bed and I'll take the couch. Of course it never fails on a Saturday morning that EVERYONE ends up on my king bed... Yes it holds us all but OMG give me a break!

yikes...a teen...they need their own apartment! lol.<br />
I live in a 2 bedroom, 1 bath brick ranch in South Carolina. My girlfriend and I, along with my Australian Shepherd and her Chiweenie, in our bedroom, and the thirteen year old, along with her cocker-mix, in her room, which happens to be the larger master room. It's tough sharing one bathroom, but we're all chicks, so it's cool.