Just a Thought.

I have a messy living arrangement at the moment and thought it would be good to hear how others live.

I am living with my partner but spend 4 nights a week during term at my parents due to my studies. This is a pain because I have been living out of home for 5 years.

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It sounds good...You can have privacy whenever you want it and security as well. Why do you say "partner"? Not living with girlfriend or boyfriend?

because of the economy the way it is, it is becomming more comon that young addults are moving back home, although it may seem awkward to move back in, its also another chance to be a kid like you used to be. Your family will always be your family. This is my philosophy even when it comes to my children. They know that if things were tough for them, they could come home and not worry about being out in the streets.

Hee, nice logo RDW :D

Thats kind of the same as my friend. She lives with her husband but stays with her parents a few nights a week due to her work.

I'm still living with my parents but am hoping to get a flat with my fiance in the next couple of years.