Wasting Money!...lol

JD and I both have fairly large houses..Technically he lives alone in his and myself and my daughter live in mine.  We are rarely at mine lately.  it just drains my bank account.....grrr...LOL

Seriously, I have a 16 year old daughter and want her to finish high school in her home.  Not add more changes to her life than I have already.  There are times though when i wonder if us supporting both houses is wise...
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quite right MrQ....quite right!

Two people that obviously loves each other much - that's the most important thing :)

yeah...two everything...its about to break us...LOL

Wow, two mortgages! <br />
<br />
It's very good of you to consider your daughter like you do. I wish my parents hadn't moved me around so much while I was younger.