Mine Arrangement Is Really Interesting Also I Think...

I will try to keep it short .... So I do live in a rented flat with my wife in a strange town (because of work). Near (about 15 miles) my home town I bought a house - but that has to be recontructed prior to moving there so most of our stuff is just piled in boxes in there. I own another small flat in my hometown (that is rented to our friends). So when we spend a weekend from time to time in my hometown we stay at my parents in a small guest room.

Really strange situation, we never know where the thing we desperatly try to find is located :))) and now tell me: Where I am at home?. Winner gets small gift from me :)


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9 Responses Nov 1, 2007

You're at home with your wife lucky duck. Forget us and get her a little something ;)

it's not a part of the house ....


no/no/no/no :)

Out on the porch/balcony/deck/outside living area.

Nope, good guess but not the correct answer. Keep trying if you wish.

Hmm. In bed?

I am serious about that gift. But the question is: "Where I am at home?" not "Where do I live at the moment?"

You are currently in the rented flat! <br />
<br />
...I am taking this small gift thing very seriously.