It's So Healthy For You.

I lived in Florida for many years. I was 10 minutes from the water. It smells so  peaceful..salty and the fish .Yep I liked that fishy thing going on. Reminded me of where I was.  I liked going to the gigantic pier to see folks fishing. I saw Sea turtles and sting rays, all sorts of birds and fish. You never know what will be out there. I was in Hurricane Andrew. It was massively dangerous at the beach.Not a great place to live if storms and flooding, frighten you.  Now beach homes are impossible to afford..the insurance is astronomical. I do miss it with all my heart.

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5 Responses Mar 19, 2009

hi, I know what you mean..after leaving Florida I missed it so much. Now I hope to return someday. Amazing how dfferent the ocean waters are..Atlantic vs the Pacific! Goog luck on your dream.

I would also love to live by the sea. And I am hoping one day when the kids are older that I can move close to the ocean. A dream that I hope will come true someday

I would love to live by the water. I love the fishy smell too. Funny how I live as far from that environment as possible in landlocked Alberta.

yep, stay out of the water. The ocean is not easy ..even a fine swimmer can get in trouble. I walked the beach and what a work out! Walking in sand kills your's peaceful to sit and just look at the waves..people watching OMG..too funny! Salt water is good for your skin and breathing I'm told.

I would love to live by the sea but I have one problem. I don't know how to swim.