Plum Creek

I want to live next to the Ingalls !!
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5 Responses Jul 31, 2010

Bit like that myself P , I have a weeks fishing every year up north in this wee cottage by the banks of the river findhorn fishing for salmon with two mates , Inverness is about an hour away so we taken all our provisions oh and beer oh and whisky in with us if not its a 2 hour trip for a packet of salt !!!

Obviously you really have watched every single show ,more than once I bet, It,s not easy coming from the city and living out in the sticks ,winters every thing virtually closes down , you can get a little cabin fever .....

No phones , no tv, no computors , no beach , no taco bell ,kfc,Mc,or even w/world ?

I hope you get your wish. <br />

Pray tell woman ?