I find peace and serenity out there in nature, and would love to be surrounded by it. A nice little place, nothing extravagant. Somewhere that I could enjoy all that nature has to offer. Have a garden. Be able to be naked and not have to worry about neighbors seeing me. Being  able to just enjoy the sun and the fresh, clean air. When I am out in the woods, I think that maybe I was born in the wrong time period. Living out there would be ideal. I'm spoiled though, so I would need electricity, phone service and internet access. 
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People forget this things anymore not knowing this is really great things to admire and yes i always like out doors with peaceful serenity and i dont mind if i look so wiered for admiring this things but i also understand how you feel because you appreciate the beauty that God give us in every way that no one can do....pardon me for we have different belief for sure but i still think God exist in different ways....hhhmmm

So an up to date log cabin on 50 acres!

That sounds good to me! Lol

True, otherwise cabins are good. Hope one day you do find a cabin and live there.


Yes. i think I will need an LCD and internet surely. I can do without the other things. You are right:)

Yep! Candles work, but I have to be able to power up the computer and charge my phone.