How do I join up with a group of people who would like to start living free & off the grid. I have ideas but not sure where to start. I am tired of all the pettiness going around and would love to be out in a group of cabins with others who think like I do.
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Hello Lifeiscalling,

I would like the same thing myself. I live outside the city limits and out in the country now where it's generally peaceful and quiet and plenty of wildlife hanging around, but I want a bit more privacy. I really love the mountains, I always have.
I too, would love to find some like minded people (and a woman) who was interested in living together on some land somewhere in Eastern Oregon, Northern Idaho or N.W Montana.
I have my own garden, several fruit trees, a nut tree and just made some blackberry jam from fresh berries surrounding my property.
My trouble is trying to find people with the same desires and goals who really understand how much work something like this takes and being dedicated enough to follow through.
Second is, finding the people with the skills needed to make it happen. You can't just get together with a bunch of strangers, sell your home, and share everything you have and hope it works out!
I have gardened for many years, pretty much grew up in the woods backpacking, camping, exploring, fishing, hiking, hunting, I was a boy scout and also a scout in the army. (I've also been to the middle east several times too, which by no means is a walk in the park by any measure)
I have a background in automotive and machinist, along with the love of DIY projects around the home.
I have skills I know I would need to live a rural lifestyle, but I couldn't do it all with a group of greenhorns who might have the cash, motivation, and just a fleeting fantasy of living in the wilds and then finding out what real work was like! lol
So I too am in the same boat as you, searching for some cool people who understand what is happening and who would truly be dedicated to making this lifestyle work. It would be a lot of work, you'd need a lot of different backgrounds to really make it happen. The more the merrier to a certain extent. But I think in the end it would be really peaceful, fun, and enjoyable knowing you could work it out and be happy. I hope you find some great people and it turns out awesome for you all. =)

Good luck,


Totally agree with you!

Sounds fun

room for...

can i chose u?