Truth Is Arbitrary

Your Truth Vs. My Truth Your Life: You lived with either one or both of your parents. They may have been or may be still married. They had an encounter or a brief fling or a long-term love affair, they had you. Everyone has a unique story of how and why and where they were born. I'll share mine but you won't believe me, in fact, you will start thinking I'm wacko about the third paragraph. My Life: My father sought out my mother. My father was a married doctor in a town in California. He found a woman he wanted to bare a son, (opps), but I came out a she and a bratty one at that. This is where is starts getting complicated, so you have to really pay attention. My Mom was a patient of my dads. My mom was having a baby (my brother Gabriel). The baby was her 4th. Her military American husband abandoned her for reasons unknown, so she was in a strange country with four kids and no relatives close by. Just to backtrack a little more, Mom was from a little tropical third-world country in the tip of South America. She group up in a tropical setting in a small country that is no longer. At some point, the country dissolved into some other dictator's hands, and so the citizens had the choice of going to Canada or London and they chose both, hence I have cousins literally all over the world, as do many I suppose. SO Mom was a nun in Barbados after 18 for five years, then she met an "American soldier" which I suspect was many of the Island girls dreams, except she was a nun. The American soldier convinced her to leave the convent and she then married and moved to the United States and became a citizen and had four children. Fast forward again, my Mom came to my dad is a patient, being pregnant and single with her fourth child in a strange and very big country, she took his offer to have a child in exchange for being taken care of for the rest of her time along with all her children, which total five after me. He leased a mansion in this town near Northern California, renovated it, made each floor apartments, and we had the entire downstairs and my Mom was the manager. The J's lived on the floor above us the whole time we were there. Billy and Carolyn J were my little playmates. I was the mysterious Little Linda. No one, not the neighbors or church friends or even relatives was to know about this agreement they had and that he was the father. But the deal is that she have is child, preferrably a boy, and he would take care of her. So we lived in this mansion, I was sort of the "key" you might say, so everyone was very protective of me, they were all conditioned to be. We had some great times in that place. We called it the "Castle" as it looked like a castle. Well... being the curious children we were, Billy and Carolyn and I decided to play with fire in the kitchen for some reason, and the curtains caught on fire, and it grew and grew! and we screamed and ran. And it got out of hand. Next thing we are in the Lot next to our house, which is full of people, and fire trucks everywhere! It was not good. I was five years old, and my Dad decided that this would not happen again. He promptly told my mom to find other places for us all and we stayed in Fremont with a family who my mom knew from her country, and then we got our own place. But the promise was broken and my mom was now on her own, in a strange country, with five kids. I'm sure she thought about going to Canada to live near her sister, but that would mean relocating five of us, and really, I think she liked California. I never even knew at that point that this man who we called Dr. Tidwell was actually my dad. I always thought he was the doctor coming over to give us shots. Come to fine out when I was 7, "Lucina, I know who your dad is, he's Dr. Tidwell and at that moment I realized that I did have a dad. For I was teased so much in first grade when I told everyone I did not have a dad and they would say, "everyone has to have a dad." But I was always told I didn't have one. So are you starting to think I'm crazy now? Later it will starting getting interesting... What does any of this have to do with George Lucas? Star Wars and the American Indian? Or Yale? Stay tuned!
truthisarbitrary truthisarbitrary
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May 11, 2012