I Live In A Canyon With Other People

I live in the canyon. It's a chaparral type of climate but with many oak trees. I live 2 minds from a regional park. I don't mind living here. I do mind living here with other people. Ideally I'd like to live on my own. I don't have much interest in people right now. I have 1 good friend that i see from time to time. I also have a significant other. I visit him mainly because his house is quiet and he lets me write on my own while he works on his computer. My house I share with my nosey family. I think I'd get along better with my parents if I lived outside the house and visited once in a while. If I had the money I'd buy the house and kick them out. I'd give them enough money to live in a beach city or something.
If I lived in the woods I would set up a semi technically advance home. I'd have solar panels. Use little electricity, use rain barrels to collect water for my plants. Have mainly native plants in my garden, edible ones. Have compost toilet which uses no water.
I like gardening and shoveling right now. I like to be left alone and feed myself. I hate being bossed around. I don't like being constantly checked on. I like my space. I don't care much about fancy clothes or cars. I rather sit around, work the land, think, write illustrate books.
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2 Responses May 19, 2012

Ha, I live in your nightmares. Los angeles. everyone in your way, everyone up in your business, no privacy, little space (if any) for gardening especially if you live in an apartment complex like I do, noisy all the time, traffic always everywhere, expensive, hot, ugly, etc. and people just keep coming here like it is the place to be. So be a good girl or God will send to hell like he did me.

Yah I've been to LA enough times to know I'd hate living there. Every time I visit I have to deal with the parking and it's other charms. I almost always leave thinking, "**** this place." or "LA is filthy." I know people who love living there. I don't get why. That place is damned and i can smell people's broken dreams when i go there. I like how there is stuff to do there which is why i visit sometimes but I rather live alone in the wilderness.

Great story, and a wonderful dream...... GO for it..